Our Team

Giorgina –  Owner / General Manager

Giorgina Venzin is a passionate businesswoman and hospitality visionary.

From the young age of 24, Giorgina Venzin became the General Manager of The Venzin Group, a family business with interests in six Brisbane restaurants.

Giorgina started her hospitality career young – at the tender age of thirteen, she was working part-time washing dishes in the first Venzin restaurant. Throughout school and university, she worked as waitress and maitre’d before graduating from the University of Queensland with a degree in Business (Hospitality and Events).

After travelling the world with her two best friends, Giorgina returned to Australia and the family business. Following her own interests and expertise as well as her personal dream, Giorgina opened the informal PawPaw Café.

Now 30 years young, Giorgina owns and manages six restaurant/ cafes.

Giorgina is also a passionate advocate of The MindShift Foundation and believes in the importance of having a positive sense of self and in achieving solid outcomes in life. As the Youth Advocate for MindShift, Giorgina believes overcoming negative influences, and that the ‘it’s just the way I am’ attitude is the first step necessary to be successful in all aspects of life.


Lindsay – Head Pastry Chef

Lindsay began her career in hospitality as a waitress during high school. After finishing school, she moved to Byron Bay to start working in her parent’s restaurant as a line cook. It was then that she discovered her passion for cooking and decided to begin her apprenticeship. 

Half way through Lindsay’s apprenticeship, she decided she wanted more, and was eager to learn the world of fine dining. She moved to Sydney to seek bigger opportunities which led her to working under some of the biggest chefs Australia has to offer. She completed her apprenticeship under Neil Perry at Rockpool Bar & Grill. And then went on to run the pastry kitchens at Quay and Bentley just to name a few.

After living in Sydney for four years, Lindsay wanted to travel the world and experience working in another country and learning new skills that were different to home. She moved to Canada, where over the period of two years, worked in both Montreal and Vancouver. After Canada, Lindsay spent months travelling and experiencing the local cuisine of many different countries.

Lindsay has a great passion for cooking, but it is her artistic flair that drives her in the pastry kitchen.